You know honestly after the way the culture shifted after 911 it couldnt have done so much without SOME womens approval.

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I found out today the Divorce rates around combat vets shoots up to about 80 percent and all I have ot say is that I find some sickening pleasure that  I feel sort of ashamed to feel but never the less at knowing this.

every time I saw those fucking oh please think of the military wives post go up on social media I was like why? they were dumb enough to marry a man who signed up to kill for his country they kind of got what they deserved.

Mind you not the strongest feminist sentiment, and I am totally for womens rights but I do resent sometimes NOT being listened to when I say something is a horrible idea.

So heres a piece of unsolicited advice for the ladies even if its a bit hypocritical of me to give them it:

dont marry a boy who signs up for military service ESPECIALLY at a time of WAR.

if he doesnt COME home in a CASKET he Will come home with SEVERE PTSD and you WILL NOT LAST As a couiple, you  will find yourself wishing he DID come home in a Casket, and Divorce him.

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