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vivian is becoming something of a friend. I like her “kinda feminist” thing. I know peepz think I radfem but I kinda feminist too. Not radfem. they just too radmra to realize. I not extremist. i just focus more on women’s issues.

So i’m going to write on here about mine. 

Dear Gamergate,  This happened in FFXI a few years ago. A Few years ago I was transplanted from the community of my high school friends where I knew many people and was very socially isolated and went from a big  to a very tiny social circle my world got a lot smaller when we moved and it impacted me in terrible ways but I thought I would be OK because I was dating somebody on the Server in the game.

She was spreading rumors about me though that I was stalking her while simultaneously sending me tells full of sweet nothings and denying she was the one spreading the rumors.

I used to have Screenies but it’s been years that PC is GONE is dead and buried

when she was gone I tried to call my local friend Cary up and reach out to him and he lectured me about how I was reaching out for emotional support and he only “Does that for girls.”

 and was all confused.

Consequentially when I lost my ingame girlfriend I lost the primary emotional support I’d been feeding off of.

and had to fall back on my friend nikki who was there for awhile but when i think back on it i realize that I can look to girls when i’m having trouble in paradise and having heartbreak issues and they’ll be there for me but men suck at it

doesn’t that t end to increase the pressure we end up placing on women, that’s why they should care.

We need you that much more because if it’s not you it’s not ANYONE often.

That’s why We are Needy.

and why some men kill themselves when they can be emotionally expressive etc or find a girl who will listen

because we can’t bottle it up forever.

I won’t date a girl if she’s turned off by having to be emotionally supportive

it’s a dealbreaker.  but the thing is we need you far more than you do us because women often are more empathetic and have wider informal support networks then men do

I ve been working on dividing it between multiple women myself but I’m under pressure to be “taken” all the time because if I don’t have a girlfriend my primary emotional lifelne is missing

Cary openly floated that he worried I woudl end up in dorethea dix the way I was acting.

a hug would have helped more.

but we can’t do that, because Gayphobia.

do you understand the degree if problems this creates? Women are obligated to be the ones to handle our baggage 

because no one else will and how fair is it to her to place your happiness in her hands?

do me a favor and if you catch a bro falling apart catch him before he falls over.

We need to start being there for each other.

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