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I am At witts end about Nerd Culture and the Toxicity that has utterly ruined it for me.

You see there are many toxic things about “The anime community” that have been hashed to death but I have a NEW and VERY personal experience that happened to in the “anime community” that my Pirate buddies and me share over on Animebytes.tv and it’s IRC community.

Much ink has already been spilt here: https://frogkun.com/2014/07/26/sexism-in-the-anime-fandom-a-case-study-of-a-tumblr-user/

and here…https://animemotivation.com/anime-community-toxic/

but my own frustration is that there is user on our IRC server who is quite fond of shouting at us every time I’m around and in chat “NUKE PORTLAND” and the Chat quite frankly tends to agree with him.

Because AnimeBytes is an ANIME COMMUNITY too talking to them about OTHER MUSIC that ISN’T anime related can be a bit of an issue. See the Issue Siloing of the internet means that it would be cosidered “off topic” and someone WHINE about me being “off topic” but that person should sit down shut up and be educated about how even the splitting of the internet into thousands of niches that never bleed into each other causes issues such as this.

The ignorance can only thrive because I’m expected to be “on topic”

so to that critic? Sit down. Shut up, And be educated about how even the expectation of being “on topic” is toxic.

Simply put if you Nuke the Cities and the urban environments this band would never have existed or given the Black metal scene the Cascadian black metal scene.

As in THIS BAND: .

The internet is toxic in a lot of ways in the aggregate, it’s not even just anime, issue siloing in general does this. I can’t educate in an atmosphere where I can’t ever stray into intersectional territory.

This is about How Anime Stans should also be into metal and aware of it. IF you nuke Portland, No Agalloch.

Your ideas are bad, and you should feel bad for even suggesting nuking the cities.

Nuke the cities and no Cascadian Black metal.


the importance of agalloch is huge for metal

metal’s future WON’T be the same and it was ALTERED fundamentally by portland RELATIVELY recently.


so maybe just maybe don’t nuke the cities you mindless halfwits.

WHOOPS, I just made you look stupid! Except I did it on purpose. https://9gag.com/gag/anQvM7V

Oops you’re stupid

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