Maybe if you had been a fan of Anime for as long as I have you’d understand why I was into my Sister my writer.

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For most of you it’s been maybe 10 years, I imagine really most of the Anime fandom at this point is younger than me and I have Seniority in being into it.

It’s been nearly 20 years, I came in RIGHT As the community was transitioning from VHS to DVD to DVD Rips on the Internet.

my Previous experience with the community was Providing ISOs to #animeexplosion on IRC

we went through several IRC server changes from Critten to eventually Rizon.

I was there back in the day, I remember acutely downloading Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien as it was airing one episode a week.

Most of you have Either Never Heard of that Master piece of a show or are too faint of heart for it.

It’s a tearjerker I’d only recommend if you like to cry.

anime has really caught fire since I started watching. It’s gone far more mainstream.

And it’s just getting more and more intense with every passing generation because they hooked all the kids on Pokemon and most of them didn’t even realize it was Foreign or from Japan. they just think it’s cartoons!!!

Now they’re growing up on Digimon and what not and god only knows what..

I mean I see it in my younger niece…

I see it in the younger generation.

They’re all spoiled compared to what We were,  I mean back in our day there was no Crunchy Roll or anything and often they weren’t legal options to obtain content.

There were whole groups that documented when shows got Licensed by North American Companies and though None of us in the Pirate community particularly cared every time it happened it meant ONLY those willing to break the law were going to keep releasing so it created delays.

I was part of the Bittorrent/IRC Trader era..

You can tell because I still store all of my Data Locally.

It has advantages, for instance when the internet goes down I still have something to watch.

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