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Kythra the suntamer 1 second ago
@Dealortruth I’m not fond of being abused by the anime community, I can come off a bit hostile sometimes. it was one of my favorite animes for a long time and then I started uncovering all these videos harshly critical of it and it was just like… why? this scene has a “logic problem” but I mean viewerd through the lens of shinji actually being in love with Hayase it makes a certain kind of sense- Hayase was career woman at that point who had basically made it in corporate world and yet her BF from high school was holding her back she had given up so much for him and yet he was still so attached he almost went back to Haruka… I mean…Hayase for all the HATE ON HER CHARACTER from the fandom gave up EVERYTHING to be with Tatuyuki he DESTROYED her swim career forced her down a MUCH more uphill struggle towards here actual career and in spite of all she gave up for him he was still so attached to the past he started wandering towards Haruka the moment she woke up. She was so distraught she basically just started sleeping with anyone acceptable enough and ended up with Shinji who mind you was in love with her but had been the genuinerly honorable party and had just let Tatuyuki do his thing…. He’s kicking the crap out of Tatuyuki because he’s in love with Hayase. Don’t you realize it? This series was admittedly highly melodramtic but I’ve loved it since I was 13 and saw it as it was airing. I used to goon IRC and got it about 24hr after it was Fansubbed from Fansubbers in High school. This anime is the one that really made it a life long love of mine. After I finished I knew there was no way I was ever going to give it up.

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