In support of Mitsuki Hayase (Spoilers)

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After going through the Rumbling Hearts tag, I was shocked by how many actually loath Mitsuki and have a huge dislike for her character. Everyone has been complaining about how she took her best friends guy and even complain about her visiting Haruka when she had woken up in the hospital. So I am going to address these and how I feel towards the subject. 

Somehow in society, we have told ourselves that we should never go after a friends boyfriend/girlfriend even after they have broken up. Somehow it has been called a taboo, but I think differently. If two people have broken up and have moved on, what’s it matter? Now I’m not saying I’d be thrilled with one of my friends taking an ex of mine. Maybe I had moved on, but maybe I hadn’t in which case that would very well end a friendship. Yet that is on them, the “friend,” to deal with. Sometimes things work out better and I have seen true stories of people with this scenario and it was actual love.

In the case of Rumbling Hearts, there was no such break up. Haruka was in an accident and she was in a coma. If Mitsuki had entered a relationship with Takayuki the day after the accident, then that would be a cause to be angry. Yet in Takayuki’s defense, he was loyal to Haruka even when she was in the hospital for 3 years! He wasn’t truly living though, he was in his room all day and night, not taking care of himself to a point that he could have died in there had it not been for Mitsuki who checked up on him every day in those 3 years. 

Even since the beginning, we could kind of tell that Mitsuki had a thing for Takayuki regardless that she set him up with Haruka. I can admit she was acting strange in their relationship and maybe even trying to fight back for some attention, but she never made a move. You know why? Because Haruka was her best friend. She still had loyalty to her and wanted her to be happy. 

3 years of a girl being in a coma is a long time. No one should be expected to put their life on hold forever for a mere possibility of someone waking up. Granted, Takayuki was probably going to do that had it not been for Haruka’s PARENTS who told him to not come back and visit their daughter anymore. They saw how it was destroying Takayuki’s life, they saw he was dedicated, but they gave him permission to move on. In this case, Mitsuki and Takayuki ended up together and were living comfortably. 

For the sake of a good plot in a show, Haruka had finally woken up from her coma, but was in a state where she didn’t realize time had passed. Mistuki had mixed feelings, she was happy that Haruka was awake as well as worried about what was going to happen. The doctor had warned Takayuki to act as if nothing had changed, but he and Mitsuki both knew that at some point, Haruka was going to have to be told the truth. 

Now Mitsuki had every right to be there at her bed to see Haruka. It wasn’t a way of stating her ‘claim’ on Takayuki, it was her coming to visit her best friend. If she hadn’t of come by, that would be worse. It would say she had forsaken everything they had been through together and given up on the friendship. 

All good things must come to an end. Haruka finds out from Mitsuki that she is with Takayuki and slaps her. Am I going to rant on Haruka for doing that? No. As much as I actually don’t like Haruka, I could justify that slap. For her, time hadn’t changed and she was more confused as ever at this point about many things so to hear that, of course she would lash out. But Mitsuki was not in the wrong! Throughout the entire series after the accident, we see just how torn up Mitsuki is. She isn’t focusing in her job, she is crying and doesn’t know what to do. She’s afraid that she will be dumped by Takayuki for Haruka among many other things. It’s a sticky situation and all Mitsuki was wanting was reassurance from Takayuki that nothing would change. Mitsuki deserved love and Takayuki needed to move on. They were perfect for each other in the end. As for Haruka, she was able to focus on the life she wanted. 

I prefer haruka/tatuki as a shipper but I think Tatuyuki would have died if it weren’t for Mitsuki.

The way he was going he wouldn’t have taken care of himself and would have gotten sick and died.

Mitsuki nurtured him back to Sanity. I don’t get the hate on her as a shipper.

Would the fandom rather have Tatuyuki DEAD Than cheat on Haruka?

He was really going downhill.

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