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I have one possible Objection to this post.

One thing that has always made me role my eyes about the Pedo thing with Animated art is that there are some people who will judge you for sexualizing if the character in question is in the context of the show under the age of 18

and I mean like if the character is 14-17 in the show.

not “loli” content.

but Japan goes out of its way to make even it’s 14 year old characters well endowed and fully developed.

Cause part of getting a show picked up at all is how much sex appeal the girls in it have…

I disapprove of the kink/fetish shaming on that one.

because it’s like first of all holy shit they’re cartoons.

and secondly The argument above. Give people a break on that. That’s not “pedophilia.” it would be pedophilia if they were real 14 year olds. They’re not. And they don’t even look 14. if someone is attracted to a 14 year old character blame the creators of the show for making a 14 year old character that doesn’t look 14.

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