I do a bit of financial advice if you want you want mine

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I make no claim to be a complete expert or have certifications so please bear it mind I am not professionally certified in any capacity to give this advice, and to be frank never risk more than you actually afford to lose.

That stated It’s become obvious to the admin of Shattered.fun here that being in good finannical shape and out of debt is actually the exception to the norm in American Society- the Average “normie” is drowning in credit card debt and would be WIPED Out by a 1000 dollar emergency. Mostly I agree with Mr Money mustache.   https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2012/04/18/news-flash-your-debt-is-an-emergency/

The thing is our Society has normalized this shit, and while some people feel ASHAMED of being in debt You’re no different than the vast overwhelming  majority of this country, DEBT IS NORMAL, Strive to be WEIRD and because WEIRD is being DEBT FREE.

if you can, use a BIKE hitch a trailer to it to get your groceries and all your errands done to cut down on gas.

But your Web admin was inspired by this:


OK, So I owe about 4000 Dollars currently, I have about 5k sitting in my business bank account and pay 300 a month for the room i’m in and get about 1800 month to month.

Starting Literally December third I’m basically going to be paying 1400 towards the BIGGEST balance which is fingerhut FIRST and then again paying it off in January, and in Feburary I will be paying off the other balances.

My Strategy is a bit different , and I have more flexibility personally because the sum total of my Assets is actually higher than my actual debt, That business bank has 5k, there’s 3k in coinbase and about 2400 in Robinhood and the Stock market so all in all I have about 10k to my name and owe 4k.

So I am weird, I have options that make me the exception to the norm in our society, So I will Opt for a strategy that is mathmathically calculated to pay this off as quickly as possible.

I am currently using two computers to Mine Cryptocurrency with Nicehash one of them is running Nicehash OS

https://www.nicehash.com/ Right now they fish up about 50 dollars every 2 weeks and about 100 a month so you can add that to the payments being made too.

the strategy is called the debt avalanche.

Basically it works like this, I make all the minimum payments on every other card and over pay the living shit out of the biggest balance, which in my case I owe 2000 of that Personal debt to Fingerhut.

I could in theory liquidate stock and bitcoin and go straight at it but again, I have Flexibility that others don’t have and can honestly afford to cough up a tiny bit of interest to these companies.

I am long term aiming to join the Highly exclusive 800 club- as in the Credit Rating of 800.

I have a store on Amazon and I am building it and slowly buying up more and more stock.

I am not wealthy -but I am at least Financially Ascendant.

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