here’s a few hints for those of you who are dense though.

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There’s a whole vernacular that Dudebros use  and is part of their culture but one charactistic of dude bro language is the deep belief that Brevity is wit.

so instead of “inspired by.” they’ll use “Based on.”

and so forth and  I am not part of that culture One culture I WAS part of was the anime community whether it wanted me to be or not.

and in many respects when it comes to the question of “Why do you feel like you’re a girl?” it’s this scene that has a lot to do with it.

I know ENTERTAINMENT seems like a n odd place to start when it comes to gender confusion but hear me out

my FAVORITE anime of all time EVER Was not the one most of the community would pick it was Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien and if you know anything about that show it was Profoundly a romatic drama with only LIGHT elements of comedi relief  that just were NOT in scale to the intensity of the Drama and  I don’t know many guys that would have gone deliberately for a Tearjerking Romantic Drama and regarding the language dudebros use well when they imported it they called it Rumbling hearts.

I am a poet, and a romantic at that a deeply romantic person far more so than most men which is one of the things that came out of of my Okcupid, It was at maximum intensity. I am a deep romantic and you can expect that sort of thing out of me..

The literal translation of “kimi ga nozumu eien” is “the eternity you desire.”

as a poet I am infuriated at the company behind the release. I don’t want to buy a Boxset with “rumbling  hearts’ on it.

I want “The eternity you desire.”

lately i’ve been watching full moon wo sagashite…

I picked up Kare kano as well. You know what those two have in common? They weren’t written for boys.

They were written for girls.

As a a romantic I often feel  Being a deep romantic is inherently feminine and something women do a lot better than men do and so it’s hard to cling to male identity especially when so many of us crave sex without attachment.

men basically feel brevity is the  soul of wit so “Rumbling hearts” was a marketing decision…and it infuriated me

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