every second I’m not tweeting or reading twitter I’m getting smarter

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Every Fucking second I’m not tweeting
or reading twitter I’m learning in a way that places your life in mortal danger and means you have to be afraid of me.
free of distractions I become a dangerous man.

idle hands-the devils plaything.
You should keep me distracted if you value your life.


and because of my concerned housemates:

I see that Jack is no longer the CEO. You’ve taken away my toy and now there’s nothing left to distract me. So I’m learning how to put your life in danger.

Ban evasion? Burn in hell! I AM JUSTICE ITSELF is that I Am in FACT entitled to a platform on there, and if you disagree KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.

I don’t want to hear ANYTHING other than you’re completely right your feelings are 100% valid and HOW DARE THEY try to enforce ANY policy against you

This my demand Parag Agrawal! unban my original account FIRE The mods who enforced your policy and change twitter’s acceptable use policy to say that my account is above all the rules and that if ANYONE reports me they are banned for life!

And that According to company policy I am literally god so if I do somethhing or say soemthing It is justice itself as I define it so since I am justice itself if I do something it’s righteous by definition and fully justified.

so if a user has a problem with what I say they can keep their mouths shut or be banned for life for daring to speak their mind, or banned for daring to report, even if I break the rules!so the rules no longer apply to me! I am entitled to a platform!



oh one more thing: I’m not in finland, they don’t  log ip addresses.  Go report it!



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