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Dhanvantari Nanni “Does anyone ever think of themselves as the bad guy and consciously try to do evil?”

Ah yes, the issue of the banality of evil. Most everyone from Hitler to Pol Pot to George W most likely all thought what they were doing was for the better “good.” It was evil, but they did it because they recognized it as achieving good.

As far as people who purposely act “bad,” which is to say not someone who has a radical moral code, but someone who willingly breaks their own moral code of what is “bad” BECAUSE it is bad, most likely some individuals who have legit Antisocial Personality Disorder. This would cover most serial killers and other extreme harmful antisocial behaviors

So I think examples do exist in the world, but for the most part some of most evil things occurred because someone was trying to do some good.

So I think you could separate acts such as serial killing, rape, etc and acts such as genocide, war, etc into two separate categories.
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