Dear Republican Appointees of the US Supreme Court,

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You do not know what honor is, if you did you would hate yourself and be contemplating suicide for all the harms you have brought women and the united states at large, Those of you who ruled on Citizens united vs the federal elections commission as well as the Mcclutheon ruling and this one as well as far as I’m concerned the definition of “High treason” should be redefined LEGALLY speaking to include what you did  retroactively and make it qualify as treason. You should be hung for your crimes. You are Traitors, you do not know what Honor is, so I will not disgrace myself with the indignity of lying and calling you “your honorable” Your Disgracefulness, You merit nothing but the highest order of Contempt and the only way to save your beleaguered souls is to commit suicide.  There is no Virtue or Morality to anything you have done,  A woman s right to choose is the morally right thing to do. to go against it is to commit a grave moral sin.  You should kill yourselves. Do us all a favor. Believe me, none of us who actually matter in this country will miss you. A world cleansed of you, is a better place. Because the highest aspiration you will ever achieve is subhuman filth.

Money is not speech and Corporations are not people, and your authority cannot make them so. all “people” must necessarily breathe, if they do not , they are not people.

only not a joke, Substitute the jewelry host for yourself, for real. unironically. You are a disgrace to humanity, so lets dispense with the pretentiousness.

One comment to Dear Republican Appointees of the US Supreme Court,

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