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Starting my own personal website in order to essentially be king of my castle so that I didn’t have to follow the DMCA Rules or bow down to “facebook community standards”

Our Web host is bulletproof.

So Basically if you have complaints that I pirated something of yours you can submit that shit to /dev/null which for those of you who are not unix nerds is the trash bin of unix.

I do not care. I am under no obligation to give a fuck.  and my website is hosted in a country that doesn’t bow down to the DMCA.

Which is why I had no issues sharing this:

I was simply reading a Manga.

But honestly your Web admin is a Dyed in the wool Feminist which if you read my Poetry has self evidently spent a shit ton of  his FREE Time educating himself into the history of women’s struggle and to women like Emmaline Pankhurst and freaking Maria  Montessori.

That manga is not one I would rec to my feminist readers though. hehehe. It’s just that when I personally consume media I don’t do it with an eye towards what people might think of what I read or watch.

And it’s true on some level, I guess. I am attracted to women, I can’t help it.

It complicates my work as a feminist obviously.

IF you want to know my lane within the movement though here:


I am a newly minted business owner, who is obviously administering this website, and needs to learn how to configure RSS for my readers but to be brutally honest with you  I am a donor to  an organization called Jane’s Due process.

and why? Because my natal mother was sexually abused by her father and as much as I don’t want to get into those topics because they are personal it’s unfortunately necessarily online because so many people think you get involved to get laid.

and honestly I care about these minors who are trying to bypass having to notify their parents of seeking abortions because if Grandpa had simply been less careful I might have siblings. Fortunately he didn’t penetrate he just molested her.

So I thought about and was like abusive parents used to be me tolerated by our society but they are less so today, the trouble is just that the fact that our society has become less willing to tolerate child abuse does not mean that abusive parents have disappeared as a concept or idea altogether and Am notorious for being a very vocal opponent of Parental Notification laws on the grounds that my sentiments are NO pregnant 16 year old girl doesn’t WANT to tell her mother ALREADY what’s happened,  and if she Doesn’t WANT to she MUST NECESSARILY have a DAMN Good reason.

You see I am different than a lot of people in that I trust them.

I am not involved with the feminist cause in pursuit of smashing women (which is the local current  euphemism for getting laid I guess)

I would love to do those things but they have fucking nothing to do with why I’m involved in this movement so effectively I could be single  recently dumped and PISSED OFF at my partner and NOT INTERESTED in getting back on the wagon any time soon and I’d STILL be screeching about this issue.

So effectively I am into women but I am ALSO A feminist and neither of those two things have anything to do with each other.

fortunately for me in spite of my mistakes I have been granted second chance at love.  I mean to make the most of it.



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