Assumed authority is part of why I’m just so done.

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Who put admin in charge in the first place?

Internet Authority is entirely about property rights at this point,  you own the servers? it’s yours. The users are caught in the middle and I’m expected to just bow down and act in a obsequious way towards authority I didn’t even have the ability to vote against in the first place.

Why was this done?  What Rule did I violate?  Have I been overly social?  Am I over sharing? Do other users feel marginalized by this?

Well perhaps they should stop being so FUCKING FUSSY get the fuck over themselves and contribute to something even if it looks like there’s only one person talking.

I do not have empathy for this shit. I don’t. And I’m not sorry about it.  Why the fuck should I be? Fuck other people.

God the proverbial princess with 100 pillows that cries when a PEA is under 100 of them and catering to her shit walking on those eggshells  is exhausting so why would I bother for even one single fucking second?

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