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Dear Republican Appointees of the US Supreme Court,

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You do not know what honor is, if you did you would hate yourself and be contemplating suicide for all the harms you have brought women and the united states at large, Those of you who ruled on Citizens united vs the federal elections commission as well as the Mcclutheon ruling and this one as well as far as I’m concerned the definition of “High treason” should be redefined LEGALLY speaking to include what you did  retroactively and make it qualify as treason. You should be hung for your crimes...

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Assumed authority is part of why I’m just so done.

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Admins have limited you to one comment per hour until December 8, 2021, 3:51 AM.

Who put admin in charge in the first place?

Internet Authority is entirely about property rights at this point,  you own the servers? it’s yours. The users are caught in the middle and I’m expected to just bow down and act in a obsequious way towards authority I didn’t even have the ability to vote against in the first place.

Why was this done?  What Rule did I violate?  Have I been overly social?  Am I over sharing? Do other users feel marginalized by this?

Well perhaps they should stop being so FUCKING FUSSY get the fuck over themselves and contribute to something even if it looks like there’s only one person talking.

I do not have empathy for this shit. I don’t. And I’m not sorry about it...

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