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Because of “Facebook community standards” I hereby Establish this blog.

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Facebook Community standards can suck my left one, Dear Facebook mods Blow me. You’ve pissed me off and put me in Facebook jail for 30 days for the last fucking time.  Because I am exceptional I should be allowed to Play by my own rules and not yours. Fuck your Brand image I am scorched earth No log, Naomi Klein.  I don’t give a SHIT that these messages conflict with your “Family friend” brand image.  I wild just Hot link THIS page on YOUR website now when need be.

I am never wrong. How could I ever be? I am justice itself so what I say is justified d purely my merit of my having said it.  Since I am the sword of justice itself.

Facebook Community standards can get on it’s knees and suck my dick. Blow me. I will not submit to the tyranny of corporate flair...

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